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This is The Skeleton Creek Wiki. Since the old wiki was shut down, I decided to make a new one. I could use your help by adding onto the books and character intel. Thanks so much!

Skeleton Creek

Skeleton Creek #42 Dredge

"Fear is the Cure."Edit

-Sarah Fincher's website quote.

Skeleton Creek is a story revolving around teenagers Ryan and Sarah. They are trying to figure out what the story is behind The Dredge and the death of Old Joe Bush, the ghost haunting The Dredge. Thanks to Ryan's writing in his journal and Sarah's video camera recordings, we can watch all the horror and terror The Dredge has. There are four books in the series, "Skeleton Creek", "Ghost in the Machine", "The Crossbones", and "The Raven". The first book is about investigating the dredge and the alchemist, the second is about looking for Joe Bush, the third is about investigating the secret society known as The Crossbones, and the fourth book is about ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. Please help me out on the pages as I have only read the first and part of the second.

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